Syed Ahmed College

Sukhanpukur, Gabtali, Bogura

Principal Message

Syed Ahmed University College is an ancient and religious education impugned. Starting this year in 1970, the school has been running the program to expand the education of students in humanities, trade and science departments. The academic activities of the school, the wave of the creation of education, culture and knowledge are constantly embedded in the latest research data. Imagine a world of imaginative imagery available, which makes the moving variables of our experience dynamic, giving donations to the prosperity and height. We have been able to move forward in the presence of the visible material world, through it, the desire for the living world of North-generations is the desired Vaishya. In the technology-world that we are now living in, we must accept the external culture, while maintaining the independence of the nation. And it will happen in the renewal of renewed thinking. This way will be free from obstacles before us.

Princila ,
Syed Ahmed College, Bogra.