Syed Ahmed College

Sukhanpukur, Gabtali, Bogura

Academic History

Mr. Alhaj Syed Ahmed, in his lifetime, during his lifetime, for the purpose of spreading the education of the poor people of the area, in 1957, due to the political instability of the then East Pakistan Provincial Assembly (MLA) and in 1958, due to his efforts, the college failed to establish a successful college. Later on, on the initiative of establishing college again, on 12 December 1968 (21 Ramadan) he went away.For the purpose of obtaining higher education for the children of the people of this region and their children and children, Ayesha Khatun, the late wife of Syed Ahmed, and the late mother of late Ahmad Jaglul, Alhaj Md. Nabzul Haque, Alhaj Md Shahidul Haq and Syed Ahmed's younger brother late Shamsul Alam Sarkar and Late Ahmad Ali Sarkar, Late Ahsan Ullah Sarkar, late Dr. Alim Uddin Prang, Mrs. Latifa Sarkar, Late Dabir Uddin Prang, Late Mr. Golam Uddin Akand, Late Dr. Minhaj Uddin Mondal, Late Mofazzal Hossain Mandal, Late Shahidul Alam (Juble), Mohammad Mahbubul Haque Mondal, Late Mahfuzul Haque Mondal, Late Salahuddin Ahmed, Late Salak Uddin Ahmed, Late Khairul Anam Sarkar, Late Fazlul Karim Mondal, Late Mahtab Uddin Sarkar, Late Mohammad Alhaj Osman Gani Master, Late Afzal Hossain Pikar, Late Rezaddin Ahmed, Heavenly Bibhugeesh Chandra Sarkar, Mohammad Jahangir Alam (Ripu), Mohammad Fazlar Rahman (Chan) and other people, together with the efforts of Syed Ahmed Mohammad, Syed Ahmed College "Syed Ahmad College" The Higher Secondary College was established on 4 January 1970.